This is an important moment for the Universal Parenting Places, or, as we’ve all come to affectionately know them, The UPPs. Since their launch in April 2015 we’ve watched our UPPs at Baptist and Knowledge Quest blossom and grow. These two UPPs were the first of their kind in the United States. It is a unique and revolutionary model. Just as parents learn from us, we are learning everyday how The UPPs can best serve parents.

We started small and strategic. And thanks to our founding partnership with Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women and Knowledge Quest, we have a better understanding of what works. Each family’s need is unique; their support should be, too. Understanding that, The UPPs must be dynamic and flexible so that together we can forge with families a customized path to success.

Over the past year, we have seen hundreds of parents come in, with the weight of the world seemingly on their shoulders, and ask for help. We’ve listened to them and learned about them, and they have received the help that best fits their lives without judgment. We’ve seen parents walk out our doors with that weight lighter, and a smile and a relief that they no longer have to go it alone.

As long as there are UPPs, we believe there’s always going to be a place for parents to turn to for guidance and support to help them create an environment with fewer adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). As you know, ACEs can add up and have a lasting impact their child’s future.  Our goal with UPPs is to give each parent the specific and unique support and tools to be the best parent they can be.

To extend that goal, plans are in motion to open two additional UPP sites in early 2017. To prepare for expansion, we have revamped the UPP visual presence to more effectively convey the UPP brand, while also establishing a look that is scalable and understood beyond the borders of Shelby County. We are proud to introduce to you the new Universal Parenting Place logo:


The logo is striking, distinctive and unique. The mark is positioned to appear as two hearts side by side, one heart embracing the other, a concept that mirrors the ideal of our UPP professionals supporting and embracing the parent who comes in need.

In addition to the new logo, we have shortened our website address and social media handles. You may now connect with us here:


We are excited to position the UPPs for a new phase of growth, and a new era of reaching new heights in helping parents, and learning more about how to best transform the lives of children. We are making a difference, but we can and will do even more as we learn more about how The UPPs can best serve those who need it most. Together, there’s nowhere else for us to go but UPP.