This summer, the ACE Center Task Force of Shelby County is asking randomly selected Shelby County residents to “Answer the Call”  by participating in a confidential phone survey, which will gather information to help develop tools to assist parents in protecting their children’s emotional and behavioral health.

The ACE (Adverse Childhood Experience) Center Task Force of Shelby County recently was established to create a trauma-informed community, engaging residents in understanding the costly and harmful outcomes of toxic stress on all families that arises from adverse childhood experiences.

“The ACE Survey results will show the prevalence of adverse childhood experiences in our county and their impact on poor health outcomes,” said Gwen Price, Parenting Initiative Director at Porter-Leath. “This information will be used as a baseline as we strive to help our community become trauma-informed.”


Learn more about the ACE Survey and view related resources here.

Read the Press Release.

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