New Programs Available at the Universal Parenting Places

By May 30, 2019No Comments

Held at the Universal Parenting Place at Baptist Women’s Hospital, Stroller Strides fitness classes encourage new moms to move, interact, and connect with their babies. 

While individual therapeutic counseling is considered the primary way to address ACEs for families, the Universal Parenting Places introduce more positive parenting methods and stress reduction techniques through a menu of alternative therapies developed as part of their programming. The UPPs recently added several new alternative therapies to the list of programs available to Memphis families, including Stroller Strides, a popular full-body conditioning workout led by fitness instructor Celinda Smith. Classes are designed for mothers and babies, with an emphasis on strength training, cardio fitness, and core restoration, all while encouraging interaction with the little ones through songs and activities. The classes are held weekly at the UPP at Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women.

Stroller Strides is one of several new offerings at the UPP. Zumba classes have returned to the UPP at Knowledge Quest with the arrival of new instructor Martha Springfield, and nutrition and wellness instructor Yolanda Manning has launched a new cooking class for UPP participants at [site].

For the latest schedule of programs, visit the UPP Facebook page.