Mission & Values

The following drives all that we stand for, all that we do, and all that we hope to achieve at the ACE Awareness Foundation:


Greater Memphis is committed to preventing adverse childhood experiences for ALL children.


To educate Greater Memphis about adverse childhood experiences, support families in their efforts to prevent and mitigate ACEs, and change local and state systems to support ACE prevention efforts.


1. Raise public awareness about ACEs in Greater Memphis using the most effective messaging.

2. Design and implement a business model for effective Universal Parenting Places and their sustainable replication.

3. Develop and implement plans for changes in policy and practice to prevent ACEs.

4. Provide local leadership on innovative ACE prevention and mitigation.

Statement of Values

1. Universality. Adverse childhood experiences occur in all types of homes regardless of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or religious affiliation. Our work is universal.

2. Equity. Although ACEs are universal, access to appropriate and quality prevention and mitigation services are not. Our programs and services are accessible to all types of families.

3. Respect. Parenting is difficult for everyone. We respect and support the efforts of all parents.

4. Quality. The effectiveness of ACE prevention will depend on the quality of programs and services. Our work is informed by research and is continuously improving.

5. Innovation. We acknowledge that existing policies and practices have not produced the changes we seek in our community. We must adopt, test, and replicate new and fundamentally different approaches to prevention if we are to manifest our vision.

6. Collaboration. No single institution can successfully pursue our mission. We are committed to true collaboration and will work to build the trust necessary to bring positive change to our community.

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