Mission and Values

Our Vision, Our Mission, Our Objectives

Our Vision

Greater Memphis is committed to preventing adverse childhood experiences for ALL children.

Our Mission

To be a catalyst for the provision of trauma-informed care across the county, the state, and the nation.

Our Objectives

  1. Educate Greater Memphis about adverse childhood experiences
  2. Support the healthy development of children and their families in order to prevent ACEs and mitigate their negative effects
  3. Promote local and state systems change to support ACEs prevention efforts

We need communities where all people feel supported and connected. To get there, we must build safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments in every household. 

Just like a solid foundation is critical for a house, children who grow up surrounded by positive, stable relationships have a solid base for processing the world around them. From birth through adulthood, consistent, positive interactions with parents and caretakers of children allow them to develop essential cognitive and social-emotional skills to help them successfully navigate the world. 

Traumatic events like abuse, neglect, or family difficulties can disrupt the environments that children need to thrive. These adverse childhood experiences — also called ACEs — create dangerous levels of toxic stress that can derail healthy brain development in children. 

The Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) Awareness Foundation is helping to create a Greater Memphis community — and catalyze a statewide movement — that understands the deep and long-lasting impact that childhood trauma can have across the life span and support innovative strategies that prevent toxic stress or lessen its effects on children and their families. 

Chronic exposure to trauma can literally change a child’s brain chemistry and influence who they have the capacity to become. Decades of research have shown that as the number of ACEs a child has experienced increases, so too does the risk for a range of negative health and mental health outcomes. 

However, ACEs are not destiny. By supporting children’s physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development, we can help set them on a solid path to a productive adulthood.