There’s a reason why the word awareness is front and center in our foundation’s name. The first part of preventing ACEs is to ensure we have a community that is fully aware of what ACEs are and how they have a lasting impact on children as they grow up. To that end, we are thrilled to share two podcast appearances by Ellen Rolfes, our executive director, and Stephen C. Bush, our board chair.

First, Ellen was featured on The Funky Politics podcast in its education reform series. In the interview, Ellen defines ACEs and outlines its history, setting the stage for the long-term impact on our youth.

Listen to the podcast.

Second, Stephen was featured on Talk, Memphis with David Waters of the Commercial Appeal. In the interview, Stephen discusses how by reducing adverse childhood experiences we could save later incarceration costs producing savings that could well fund anything that we need to do in public education.

Listen to Stephen’s interview 

We encourage you to listen and share these interviews and help us to continue our charge to educate the Greater Memphis about adverse childhood experiences, support families in their efforts to prevent ACEs, and change local and state systems to support ACE prevention efforts.