It has been a big year for the ACE Awareness Foundation. As our scope and services grow, we are continually reminded of what a supportive community Memphis is. One special reminder of how collaborative our city is came from The Memphis Public Library and Information Center, which produced two public service announcements (PSAs) to help us promote the Universal Parenting Places and the Parent Support Warm Line.

The PSAs are now airing on WYPL 89.3 FM, and will run five times a day until the end of the year. This is an incredible gift!

We believe that parents are one of the keys to preventing long-term negative impact on adulthood stemming from childhood.  We know that parenting is challenging for everyone, which is anyone can visit an UPP or call the Warm Line.

While there is much to do, we are one step closer thanks to collaborators like the Memphis Public Library and Information Center.

Listen to the PSA’s

The Parent Support Warm Line 
30-second PSA


The Universal Parenting Places (UPPs)
30-second PSA