ACE Awareness and High Ground News will spotlight early intervention and the long-term impacts of ACEs in a new, year-long series of feature articles. Photo courtesy of ACE Awareness.

Parents and children are facing unprecedented challenges. Solid mental health supports — and the ability to seek mental health services without fear of stigma or judgment — can make the difference in a family’s ability to survive and thrive despite it all. 

That’s why we’re so excited to be partnering with High Ground News on a year-long series of stories on ACEs in Memphis.

Over the next twelve months, we plan to examine the latest research in early intervention and the long-term impacts of ACEs on adults and children in Memphis. We’ll preview some of the approaches and therapies that are central to our Universal Parenting Places, but we’ll also spotlight initiatives, organizations, and individuals in Memphis and beyond who are working to help families and children navigate major challenges. 

Speaking to High Ground for the first article in the series, ACE Awareness Executive Director Renée Wilson-Simmons explained one of the biggest misconceptions about ACEs is, “the incorrect conclusion that the experiences define a person’s destiny.”

“It does not mean your destiny is poor outcomes, it means you need to understand how it has affected you and what you can do differently for your children,” she said.

More than anything, we are excited to lift up viable solutions that support the mental health of parents and their children. This is a trying time for many of us; no one should feel like they have to carry those burdens alone or in silence. 

You can read the first story in the series on the High Ground News website.