In our own backyard in Memphis and throughout the state, communities continue to stand up in support of adverse childhood experiences (ACE)-awareness to mitigate and prevent the effects of childhood trauma.

You may have read about the efforts of our Foundation in recent media coverage in the Commercial Appeal and BetterTennessee. Since 2015, the ACE Awareness Foundation has administered Universal Parenting Places (UPP sites) — judgement-free parenting support centers that are strategically placed in neighborhoods throughout Memphis.

Last month, the Commercial Appeal’s editorial board took the time to meet with Foundation’s leadership in an engaging and important trauma-informed conversation.  On April 23, the paper published an editorial that lends its full support to our cause and efforts, stating, “We … think the ACE groups’ work locally should be highlighted and supported for the long-term benefits it can potentially bring.”

Additionally, Commercial Appeal columnist Tonyaa Weathersbee reported on a visit she made to our newest UPP site at Perea Preschool. You can read about what she learned in her column, Program helps parents rear kids without trauma.

Finally, BetterTennessee, published by BlueCross BlueShield, wrote an extensive article on ACEs and how to mitigate them.

This range of media support speaks to a growing understanding that the prevention and mitigation of ACEs is as sound investment in the betterment of society today, and for future generations. We’re proud to be at the forefront of this movement at the ACE Awareness Foundation.