The ACE Awareness Task Force is one our organization’s greatest resources. It is comprised of community leaders with diverse range of capabilities, temperaments and talents, all focused on working together to help us to make our City as ACE aware as it can be. To that end, we want the Task Force to be fully informed on all of our initiatives and work throughout the community, such as the activities we offer through our Universal Parenting Places (UPPs).

That’s why we hosted the group to go through the Playback Memphis experience! Playback Memphis is an important partner of the UPPs that believes in sharing a culture of connectivity and emotional intelligence throughout all facets of the community.

A Playback Memphis performance is a unique collaboration where someone from the audience shares a personal story or moment, and then watches as a team of professional actors and musicians bring their story to life on the spot using movement, music, metaphor, and spoken improvisation. The experience is lively and robust with ample space for reflection and laughter.

Our Task Force had a blast; and learned how movement, storytelling, and music can be powerful tools that allow children and adults alike to express themselves in a meaningful way.

See for yourself! 


View photos from the day on the Playback Memphis Facebook page: