ACE Awareness Foundation executive director Ellen Rolfes and former Mayor A C Wharton Jr. have joined the Washington, D.C.-based Campaign for Trauma-Informed Policy and Practice (CTIPP).

Rolfes was named to CTIPP’s board and Wharton to its advisory committee. The appointments further highlight Memphis’s growing position on the national stage in mitigating trauma and reducing ACEs.

CTIPP seeks to advocate for public policies and programs at the federal, state, local and tribal levels that incorporate the latest scientific findings regarding trauma and social and health problems. Its members work in partnership with policymakers, community organizations and informed citizens to develop trauma-informed, prevention-focused policies and practices.

Wharton, former Mayor of both Shelby County (2002-2009) and Memphis (2009-2015) and former Chief Public Defender (1980-2002), currently serves as a strategic consultant to the ACE Awareness Foundation, is an attorney, and owns The Wharton Group. As Mayor, Wharton played a key role raising awareness of ACEs and increasing access to preventative services, including by helping to open the first Foundation-supported Universal Parenting Place, a judgment-free zone where parents can receive professional counseling, information, and emotional support for family-related issues.